We use the XK-150 which is designed for long life and easy service, the XK-150 is amazingly simple.
Control Panel XK-150 Torque Box

Using a 5000 psi piston-type, hollow shaft hydraulic motor, the swivel stem is driven directly by a massive lubricated spline. The only moving parts are the hydraulic motor, stem, and packing cartridge. No gears are required, so motor speed is swivel speed - very low by hydraulic standards, and very good for long life. This also means service is easy, allowing the entire hydraulic drive including swivel shaft bearings and seals to be removed together by simply unbolting and pulling it down off the stem.

The XK-150 also has unique lubrication and sealing features. Lower shaft bearings are pressure-lubricated with hydraulic oil, dual upper seals are pressure-greased, and all seals run on hardened and ground wear bushings to prevent stem wear and corrosion.

Unique in the industry, our wash pipes and packing are specially designed for long life. One special feature is that the packing cartridge may be installed either way. When installed with the main packing nut on top and non-rotating, the packing may be greased while drilling with an air-powered greasing system. This can extend packing life dramatically during difficult drilling situations.

Our Cobrahook™ link hooks, which allow wire line lubricator access to the gooseneck top connection for horizontal drilling work.


XK-150 Skid
XK-150 Skid
Max Torque @ 5000 PSI, Theor     
12,000 FT-LBS
Max Speed @ 1800 Engine RPM    
160 RPM 
High Pressure Hose Size    
1-1/2" I.D.
Max Static Load Rating
150 TONS
100 RPM Dynamic Load Rating    
127 TONS
Max Circulating Pressure    
5000 PSI
Gooseneck Connection    
3" NPT
Gooseneck Vertical Access Plug    
3" NPT
Fluid Passage Bore Thru Stem  
2-7/16" I.D.
Standard Stem Connection    
Standard Saver Sub Connection  
3-1/2" I.F.
Saver Sub Makeup Torque   
12,500 FT-LBS
2,800 LBS
Drain Hose Size    
1" I.D.
XK-150 Specs