P & A Workbasket

P & A Workbasket
P & A Workstation
P & A Workbasket Specifications

• 50 tons of upward force to be able to pull the cuter free when casing cutting.

• 20 tons of downward force for hydraulic drilling collar simulation, For cement for milling windows/plugs

• 50 ton swivel stand with work basket:

• We have a new 8' x 20' work basket that you can run with or without casing jacks (282 or 385 Ton) we can be rigged up on beams or directly to a 21 1/4" inch flange, 2M/well head

• It has a boom that support a tong or cutting or whatever is needed (3000 LBS Max load).

• Can handle a jack on the top deck up to 150 tons with just changing out the centerpiece.