Dual String Handling Tool

Dual String Handling Tool
Dual String Handling Tool
Dual String Handling Tool Specifications
250 Ton Dual Tools From 2-3/8”–4-1/2” Tubing.

Swivel Rental dual tubing handling tools have provided reliable, efficient service since their introduction to the oil industry in February 1978. These tools were designed for use with cementing or production equipment, and were engineered to safely pull or run two strings of tubing or casing simultaneously.
Design Eliminates Bent Tubing

The Bilco in-line patented elevator design carries the hook load directly in-line under the bail. This design enables one joint of tubing to be pulled or run without fear of bending the tubing by positioning an extremely heavy of a load off center to the load.

Easy and Quick Access to Open Hole

An open hole can be obtained in less than two minutes with the easy removal of one bolt that holds the Swivel Rental split-bowl spider together. Easy access to an open hole is very important when packers, centralizers, hangers and other types of production equipment must be lowered through it. Equipment with ODs to 6-in can be lowered through the spider without necessity of removal of the spider.